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Exit Planning is a key priority of my service to business owners. Using an established process, we discover what you value most, and then we work with your team of advisors to create a written roadmap and execute a strategy allowing you to exit your businesses on your terms and conditions to reach your goals. These Exit Planning newsletters touch on a variety of relevant topics:

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

Ready or Not: Why Planning Now Beats Planning Procrastination

Getting Personal in Business Planning

Business Continuity: Is Your Business Built on Sand or Stone?

Managing Important Employees Who Aren’t Key Employees

Ex Uno, Multi: The Case for Replacing One Owner With Many

Why Specific Goals Should Also Be Fuzzy

Keeping the Family Business Running and the Business Family Happy

The Common Element Among Unique and Successful Businesses

The Virtuous Circle of Improving Cash Flow

The Importance of Reviewing Your Performance

Planning Is a Team Sport: Which Teammates Do You Need?

How Time Can Affect Planning Success

Protecting Yourself Against Employee Risk

Why Communication Is Essential to Successful Planning

What’s the Point of Asset Protection?

How Your Employees’ Motivations Can Affect Your Business Planning

Strength From Within: How Preparing Employees for Ownership Can Strengthen Your Business

Connecting Your Personal Financial Plan and Business Continuity Plan

Are You Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets?

How Agility Can Affect Your Company’s Future

Retaining Key Employees: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Guiding Your Wealth to Where You Want It to Go

5 Ways to Address Deal Killers Before They Kill Your Deal

Deal Killers: Catch Them Before They Harm Your Future

5 Aspects of Strong Goals and the Consequences of Missing Them

There’s More to Business Than Money: Values-Based Goals

Poor Planning, Big Problems: The Tale of Tom Poor

Walk Before You Run: Phased Planning

Change Is OK: How Planning Makes You Focused and Flexible

The Benefits and Challenges of a Third-Party Sale

Is a Family Transfer Right for Your Business?

What Have We Learned?

Keep Your Family Intact with Proper Estate Planning

Don’t Let Your Key Employees Jump Ship

If You Don’t Uncover the Skeletons in Your Closet, Your Buyer Will

Ingredients to Jumpstart the Planning Process

Not All Strategies Are Created Equal

Find Your Best Path to the Future

Funding a Sale to “Insiders”

Where to Start

Planning When You’re Too Busy to Plan

Identifying "The Gap"

Where Transferable Value Comes From

Realistic Timelines

Building Business Value in a Recession

Does Your Spouse Feel Left Out of Key Business Decisions?

Smoothing Out Friction Between Business Owners

How to Be Sure You Are Leaving Your Business in Good Hands

Thinking of Selling Your Business to an Employee?

Which Planning Process Is the Best Fit for You?

3 Ways to Position Yourself and Your Family for Future Success

Why Defining Goals Is Important and How to Do It

If You Love What You Do, Why Should You Make Plans to Leave?

Must You Fire Your Managers to Grow the Business?

How Long Does Planning for Your Business’ Future Take?

What You May Get Wrong About Business Valuations

Optionality and Your Plans for Your Business Future

Shaping Your Plans for a Successful Future

Successful Planning Starts Much Earlier Than You Think

Fairness and Equity Among Family Members

Turning a Lifestyle Business Into a Business Enterprise

2 A Planning Process for Future Success

2 Self-Made Problems That Can Harm Your Planning

Protecting What You Care About: Business, Family & Employees

Does Value Building Equal Exit Planning

The Impact of Value Drivers On Sale Price

Exits Are Inevitable, Failure Is Not: Planning a Successful Exit

Failure to Plan Has a Price

Top Excuses Owners Use to Avoid Exit Planning

What is your Business Really Worth?

Business Valuation

Leave Your Business? It's Inevitable


ESOP Opportunities

Value Drivers

Successful Family Transfers

Are You and Your Company Candidates for a Third Party Sale?

Elements of a Plan to Sell to Insiders

Avoiding Disasters in Insider Transfers

The Essential Business Agreement - a Business Continuity Agreement Among Owners

Preparing for the Worst: Business-Continuity Planning for Sole Owners

Business-Continuity Planning for Co-Owners

Death & Taxes vs. Preserving Wealth - the Final Exit Planning Contest

Which Comes First: Estate Planning or Exit Planning?

Protect Against The Pain of Exiting Your Business

Why Setting Goals is Important, Even if They Change

An Estimate of Future Company Cash Flow

How to Increase Your Business Value Using Value Drivers

Minimizing Threats to Business Value

For Business Exits, Being Inconsequential Is of Great Consequence

Avoiding unwanted surprises

What could go wrong when transferring ownership to employees?

BCI: Guiding your family even after death

Estate Planning: A small piece of a bigger pie

Setting Exit Goals for the New Year

Knowing what you have to get what you need

How does exit planning protect business value

Handling the Early Stages of Exit Planning

The Importance of Setting an Exit Date

How Emotion Affects Your Business Exit

The Two-Pronged Approach to Exit Planning

Building Business Value Through Exit Planning

Unforeseen Challenges to Third-Party Sales

The Dangers of Transferring to Children Without Planning

Balancing Your Goals with Your Family's Goals in Family Transfers

What’s So Important About Planning?

3 Benefits of Written Exit Plans

Getting the Results you Want

Why You'll Need an Advisor Team

Even If You Never Plan to Exit Your Business, Exit Planning Can Still Help

What Exit Planning Can Do for You

Death Can Ruin Your Plans

What Business Owners Assume About Financial Planning Hurts Them

Reducing Risk Can Build Value

Are You Being Your Own Worst Enemy?

Why Maintaining Planning Momentum is Important

How to Leverage Your Strengths in a Business Exit

How Business Owners Are Approaching Their Futures in the New Year

Incentivizing Your Best Employees to Stay

3 Things to Remember About Third-Party Sales

Working Backward: 3 Questions to Ask About Your Planning

Is Your Business Worth as Much as You Think?

3 Things That Can Build Future Business Value

Whether You Sell Your Business or Not, the Planning Is the Same

Maintaining Control, Minimizing Risk, and Rewarding Your Best Employees

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